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 Who are we ?

JCN Translation is a translation agency for French / English / Spanish/Chinese languages based in Beijing. We do not deal with dozens of languages, but specialized in these 4 languages only, where we can guarantee translation accuracy and appropriate style.   

  • We work both in documents translation and on the Interpreting.
  • Our activities cover all the aspects related to China's official language .
  • Our mission is to accompany you in all your business projects with China.
  • Our work is to provide you with the highest quality services at the most competitive pricing in the industry

Why choose Us?

       By a simple email, your problem is solved! we do the rest!

  • We are based in BeiJing,our ideal location allows us to have a wide network of translators, each with a specialization
  • We can offer quality services, result of a cumulated experience of more than fifteen years of translating and interpreting in french, english, spanish  and chinese mandarin .
  • Choosing JCN Translation means choosing a translation company with the all the expertise required to respond to your linguistic needs and with the commitment to provide you with high quality services from start to finish.


  Why Choose Us? Quality,rapidity and Low-Cost Service!


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Address :Room 601, Unit 1, Building 16, LvDao Garden, ShiJingShan district,Beijing,China 100021

JCN Translation, your translation agency in China